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Energizing Young Voters Initiative

Pirie Jensen | Published on 10/1/2023

The Energizing Young Voters Initiative has put together a 30 minute presentation to motivate the largest block of nonvoters - 19-23 year old Americans - to VOTE! It is led by Pirie Jensen and includes Jenny Bisha, PhD and Claudia Imhoff, PhD. 

Energizing young voters pic 

Picture :

Left Jenny Bisha, middle Pirie Jensen, Right Claudia Imhoff

At the YWCA event, Better Because of Her, August 24, 2023

Presentations have been made to … 

CU Leeds School of Business Women's Empowerment Administrator, August 16

YWCA to the Women's Collaborative board members, September 20th

Front Range College Feminist Club, September 20th

Peak to Peak Charter School, September 20th

As a result, a FRCC student joined LWC Larimer county to volunteered for voter outreach, &

two Peak to Peak students have volunteered to assist me with social media.

We are seeking opportunities to present to groups of young adults ages 19-29. Contact if you have relationships with leaders, organizers, teachers of such groups

Volunteers with experience in social media initiatives and Google docs, contact

Further information:

The presentation is derived from an initial set of seven presentations of 30 minutes each, which were produced by LWV member pat Supplee, New Jersey, see energizing young voters  Pirie learned about this dynamic initiative when Pat presented at National Convention 2022.

The program traveled with Smithsonian exhibit “Voices of Democracy”, in 2022.

The condensed 30 minute presentation will provide:

  1. Create a visceral feeling for the 240 years of sustained struggle 11 different groups of American have endured to exercise the right to vote.
  2. Highlight current legislative challenges to Right to vote laws.
  3. Provide vivid examples of why local, state & federal voting, all impact voting rights.
  4. Tools and rebuttals for the 7 most common excuses for not voting.

Powerful and easy to use tools for demystifying the process of voting:

  1. Navigating the complex media landscape
  2. Discerning accuracy of online, social media information
  3. Ballot assistance, resources for non-partisan facts
  4. Voting and Registration made EASY

Below: a talk at Peak to Peak Charter School

Peak to Peak energizing talk