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Click the arrow to contribute to the specified fund.
LWVBC General Fund
Donations for our general activities and operations.
To donate online, click on the arrow.
To donate by check, make the check payable to LWVBC and mail it to LWVBC, P.O. Box 21274, Boulder, CO 80308
Operations Support
Our Campaign to Build a Foundation will continue to fund a part-time staff member to provide the consistent administrative foundation needed for the success of our goals. Our efforts to “Make Democracy Work for All" include improving community education and advocacy on public policy issues; enhancing voter services; and strengthening communication, outreach, marketing, and membership.
Other Payments
Need to pay for buttons, bulbs, any thing else? Click here.
LWVBC Endowment
Donations to the LWVBC Endowment are held in perpetuity and invested to produce income. We hold the principal (your gift) in perpetuity and spend only the investment income on selected special projects.