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League of Women Voters of Boulder County
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy
Serving the People of Boulder County, Colorado
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Our Leaders

LWVBC Board of Directors 2023–2024


Co-presidents:  Peggy Leech, Susan Saunders

Secretary:  Laura Coates
Treasurer:  Molly Saunders


Action:  Holly Monkman

Fund Development:  Mary Ann Wilner

Membership   Susan Curtis
Voter Service:  Stacie Johnson
Youth Engagement:  Cassandra Barnhart

At-Large:  Martine Elianor
At-Large:  Keilly Leon
At-Large:  Pat Long


Ballot Initiatives Coordinator:  Judy Mares-Dixon

Candidate Forum Coordinator: Jo Porter and Martine Eleanor
Energizing Young Voters Coordinator:  Pirie Jensen 
Nominating Committee: Ruth Stemler  (Chair),  Emma Pillar, and Debby Vink, elected members
Operations Coordinator:  Stephanie Hein
Vote411:  Cindy Lindsay
VOTER Newsletter Editor:  Jennifer Bales
Voter Outreach Coordinator:  Position open
Webmaster:  Joan Goddard

Issue Team Leaders/Co-Leaders

Climate Action:  Jeannette Hillery
Gun Safety:   Position open
Immigration/ Immigrant Rights:  Position open

Living Wage:  Deborah Hayes, Peggy Leech

Schools:  Linda Hultman

Voting Methods:   Celeste Landry and Jeanne Clelland

Study Team Leaders/Co-Leaders

County Commissioners Election Structures:   Celeste Landry
Primary Elections Reform:   Marcus Ogren

Timing of Municipal and Special District Elections:   Celeste Landry, Liz Black