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'She Is Me'
Inspiring stories from our Colorado members

The Campaign for Making Democracy Work

League members throughout the U.S. are currently focusing
on four governmental issues
   • Redistricting  
   • Voting Rights
   • Improving Elections
   • Campaign Finance / Money in Politics

Making Democracy Work for All in Boulder County

The LWVBC has these 2020–2021 
target areas
   (1)  Census 2020
   (2)  The National Popular Vote Compact (NPV)
   (3)  Voter Service

   (4)  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) in our organization

We also advocate for our LWV principles and for our positions on
 where our past studies have resulted in member consensus.
   These include •
Boulder County governmental structure,  • Living Wage, and • Voting Methods (alternatives to plurality voting).

Read the full text of our Boulder County positions here (PDF)

Read our statewide LWVCO positions

Read our national LWVUS program positions (PDF, from p.7 on)

Join an Issue Team!

To view the team's page, click on the name below.
     • Money in Politics
     • National Popular Vote Campaign (NPV)
     • Schools
     • Social Policy
     • Voter Service

     • Voting Methods

Our Issue Teams all welcome new participants! 
You don't have to be an expert. 
You do not have to be a League member to attend a Team meeting and learn more. 
Check the calendar for the next meeting. Contact the Team leader for the agenda.