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League of Women Voters of Boulder County
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy
Serving the People of Boulder County, Colorado

Why I Vote
LWVBC's  WHY I VOTE - Voices of Our Community campaign gives people an opportunity  to share their thoughts on voting (or not).  Our Why I Vote page displays these voices and allows you to submit your own statement and photo.

Combatting Disinformation
Our colleagues at the LWV of Larimer County have put together a thorough resource on news literacy.

The Legislative Action Committee of our parent organization, the League of Women Voters of Colorado, has taken 
positions on 2024 ballot initiatives for which petitions are being circulated. Remember to THINK BEFORE YOU INK!

Civility Matters
Missed our 3/17 event, Civility Matters: Promoting Respectful Dialogue in a Divided World?   Or did the event leave you wanting more information?   Read about  
Braver Angels  and their work to strengthen our democracy.

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Get involved with the League's advocacy efforts

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LWVBC is honored to be supported by the 
Community Foundation Boulder County
through a Civic Engagement Grant

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LWVBC is honored to be supported by the 
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