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Conference on World Affairs (April 6-9) hosts even...
Linda Hutchinson

The University of Colorado, Boulder will again host the Conference on World Affairs, from April 6-9 (in person or livestream, free and open to the public). More information is available at

This year there will be several events related to news access and literacy.

On April 6:

Calling Bullshit: Telling Truth From Fiction in the Information Age, 3:00-4:10

The New Business of Media: How Should News Be Funded? How can the new media world be both profitable and credible?, 3:00-4:10

On April 7:

The Dark Web: Why Is It a Scary Place?, 9:00-10:10

On April 8

All Speech is Free, Some More Than Others: Social Media's Role in Regulating Incendiary Speech, 12:00-1:10

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