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Denver passes Improved Medicare for All proclamati...
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On Oct. 24 the Denver City Council passed a Proclamation Endorsing Improved Medicare for All as the State or National Health System — Joining almost 100 US cities including Fort Collins, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Tucson, Seattle, Minneapolis, and the town of Jamestown, Colorado.

A group of inspiring medical providers and citizens worked together to get the Proclamation passed.

Build on the momentum in your community. Come learn how and find a team.

Calling all activists and medical providers!

Local Governments Take a Stand for

Improved Medicare for All Workshop

Noon to 1 p.m. Saturday, November 19 on Zoom

Free- Register here

You can do this.


Working together, we can ensure everyone who lives in Colorado and America enjoys quality health care, for life!

Sponsored by

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care exists solely on contributions from individuals dedicated to manifesting the reality of Guaranteed Quality Health Care for All for Life.

Linda S. Mahan

LWV Larimer County, CO

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