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News Matters
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Hi everyone. After a bit of a search, here is a link to a 40-minute interview of the two creators of the documentary "News Matters," interviewed by a Colorado Springs news person. The interview gives us a general look at the content of the documentary.


Carolyn Elliott

Oh, phooey, fiddle! Judy, you are correct. Apparently PBS was letting folks view the documentary for a certain amount of time. I'll keep my eyes open for another way for us to view.


Carolyn Elliott

Thanks Carolyn,

When I tried the link, I received an error message that said not available in my market and it expired on 9/1.

Judy Beerbaum

Hi everyone,

Since you all are compassionate, and intelligent people, I thought you'd appreciate this documentary.

This PBS documentary, "News Matters," lasts an hour and 25 minutes. The filmmaker shows how journalism is the backbone to a good functioning democracy, and how hedge fund owner Alden Global is demolishing democracy...

Feel free to discuss here in this thread, if you wish.


Carolyn Elliott

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