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Help CIRC to support “Cover All Coloradans” bill in Legislature

Peggy Leech | Published on 4/13/2022
Our friends from CIRC (Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition) are asking for our help with HB22-1289 “Health Benefits for Colorado Children and Pregnant Persons” (also known as “Cover All Coloradans”). LWVCO’s Legislative Action Committee (LAC) voted to support the bill, and I testified in committee on March 25 on behalf of the League. The committee referred the bill to the Appropriations Committee with a vote of 8-4.

Major provisions:
  • Provides full health insurance coverage for Colorado pregnant people who would be eligible for Medicaid and the children's basic health plan (CHIP) if not for their immigration status, and continues that coverage for 12 months postpartum at the CHIP federal matching rate
  • Provides comprehensive health insurance coverage to all Colorado children who would be eligible for Medicaid and the children’s basic health plan (CHIP) if not for their immigration status
  • Creates a special enrollment period for health insurance coverage due to pregnancy so that an eligible person can sign up for insurance as soon as the person becomes pregnant
  • Improves the quality of health insurance coverage available through the health insurance affordability enterprise
  • Provides for outreach, lactation supplies, use of federal funds, and data collection.

The bill is supported by many organizations besides CIRC. Several medical professionals testified about the value of preventive care to avoid emergency room visits. Many from our immigrant community fear enrolling family members who are currently eligible for coverage because they are in mixed-status families. 

Please contact your state legislators and let them know that this bill is important to you and to our community.