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Membership Renewal

Jean McGuire | Published on 10/2/2021

To renew your membership:

  1. Go to the and log in as a member (for login help, email or call Jean McGuire at 630-414-5259)
  2. At the home screen in the upper right next to your name, look for the link, “Renew” which appears within a month of your membership expiration.  Please note, that only the primary member of a household can renew for the household and will see the “Renew” button; secondary members will not see the “Renew” button.
  3. Choose how to pay either by credit card, the most convenient, or by check.
  4. Choose how much to pay:
    • Basic membership is $80
    • Household membership is $80 plus $40 for each additional member of the household
    • Make an additional donation to the League on top of your membership dues
    • Student membership is free, however student members still need to renew

If mailing a check, make it payable to LWVBC at P.O. Box 21274, Boulder, CO 80308. Your dues of $80 include $20 for dues to the LWV of Colorado, $32 to the LWVUS, and $28 to LWVBC (Boulder County).


Although the Membership Team can complete your renewal, it is best if you renew yourself, even if you are paying with a check.  Online, you will be asked to verify your contact information, your experience and your preferences and interests as it relates to the League.