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Membership - Mar 2021

Debby Vink | Published on 2/27/2021

Letter from Membership

March, 2021
by Debby Vink, Membership Director

Welcome to New Members Jane Rubentstein, Francie Sinton, Kelly McGinnis and Kate Ward---and to   returning member Julie Zahniser.  Our current member count is 281.

Join us for the next virtual Member Coffee on Saturday, March 13, 10-11:30.  We’ll chat with LWVBC student member Jackson Moody, and view his 10 minute award-winning video on Dr. Justina Ford, Denver’s first African-American, female physician.


It's time to send in your nominations for LWVBC Merit Awards to be announced at the Annual Meeting.   We want to honor those members who have made a difference in our work since July 1, 2020.  Think of actions and events that were important and who made them happen.  We want to hear from many of you!   Send your nominations by email to Debby Vink at with the subject LWVBC Award Nominations.  The deadline for nominations is March 20, 2021.   When you submit names, it’s helpful, but not necessary, to include a few statements describing why the nominees should receive the award.  I can discuss this with you later.  We usually do not give a member the same award two years in a row.  An Awards Committee will review the 2021 nominations.

Awards given at the 2020 Annual Meeting:
Community Partners
Julie Frieder, U.S. Census Bureau Partnership Specialist for Boulder County for helping LWVBC and NAACP organize a county-wide Non-Profit Complete County Committee (CCC) for the 2020 Census
Elle Cabbage, Executive Director of the Erie Chamber of Commerce, for working so well with LWVBC over the years and especially for her emergency help recasting the 2020 Erie Candidate Forum from an in-person to a virtual event as COVID restrictions became a reality. 
Elected Official: none given.  Should be an official who helped with particular LWVBC initiative(s).
Emerging Leader:  Catherine Brown and Molly Saunders
Emerging Youth Leader:  Jackie Alderete Urena and Erin Lindblom
Board Member of the Year:  Jeanine Pow
Member of the Year:  Carol Brown and Mandy Nuku
Issue Team Leader:  Celeste Landry and Gaythia Weis of the Voting Methods Team
Issue Team Member:  Pat Venturo of the Voting Methods Team
Operation Team Member:  Lois Linsky and Louisa Young of the Fund Development Team 

LWVBC Student Member Scholarship 

The deadline to apply for the 2020-21 LWVBC Student Member $500 Tuition Scholarship is April 15, 2021.  Please contact Debby Vink at to receive an application form and description.   Qualifications for the Scholarships: 

1. The student member will have been a member of the League of Women Voters of Boulder County for one year as of May 1, 2021 and fulfilled the 20 volunteer hours requested of student members in exchange for free membership. 
2. The student member demonstrates an understanding of the mission and function of the League of Women Voters. 
3. The student member has made a demonstrable contribution to the mission and activities of the League. 
4. The student member will be recommended by three members of LWVBC, one of whom is the Membership Director.
 5. The student can provide evidence of enrollment in a degree or certificate program of an accredited Colorado institution of post-secondary learning. 
Rachael Willihganz received last year’s scholarship award towards her law school tuition at Denver University.

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