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Membership - Feb 2021

Jennifer L Bales | Published on 1/31/2021

From Membership by Debby Vink

Welcome to Our Newest Members!

Welcome to five members who have joined since our last newsletter:  Shannon Nelson, Denys Vigil, Tara Menza, John Balassa, Indigo Farmer, and Crystal Gray.  

Our current member count of 278 only includes active members who have renewed their membership.  We urge all members to renew on or before their expiration date.    

Spotlight on a LWVBC Member:  Sarah Vlasity

Sarah became a member of LWVBC during this past year after discovering us through her work as a librarian and archives specialist.  Having read about the League while researching an exhibit on the women’s suffrage movement, she was inspired to join us.  The in-depth exhibit, which she curated as a special project for CU Boulder Libraries, is available digitally at

Needless to say, Sarah has a special interest in our history, but she is also concerned about contemporary media literacy and is reviewing Money in Politics Team’s list of recommended media from several years ago to see what updates would benefit it.  So many new sources of media have sprung up even within the past few years.  

Sarah, who is a native of Boulder, encourages us to visit her at her workplace at the Carnegie Library of Local History at 1125 Pine Street in Downtown Boulder once it’s open to the public again.  Meanwhile many of its holdings can be viewed online via their website  I went to their website and did an advanced search under “League of Women Voters of Boulder” and found a wealth of material, some of which is also available on our website under “Get to Know Us>Our History.”  

A LWVBC field trip to visit Sarah and the Museum is in order, once we can do such things again!

What’s in Your Profile at LWVBC.ORG?

Have you checked out your profile in the Member Directory on our website  Click on the word Profile in the upper righthand corner of the website after logging in.  There you can
--review your contact information to make sure it’s up to date under Basic Member Information,  
--see your answers to questions asked when you joined or renewed under Additional Member Information,
--review or change your choice of Issues under Your Website Functions>Interests,
--see and edit what others see about you in the Member Directory, by clicking on Standard Member Directory,
--add your picture, if not already there, by clicking on the oval without a picture and following the prompts to upload a picture, 
--add photos, and
--view any payments made to LWVBC under Histories>Transaction History.
You will be reminded to check some of this information when you renew your membership, but you have access to this information anytime you login to our website.

Can You Answer 15 Questions About the League?

Email me at if you would like to receive 15 questions about the League and test your knowledge of what we are about.  Answers can be found by referring to our local, state and national websites and the LWVBC Member Handbook.  The Handbook is available after logging in to LWBC under the Member Info dropdown menu.  You can save a copy of it in .pdf form from that location if you prefer to see it as a document and perhaps print a copy.  So far only two members answered all questions correctly.  Most have gotten 13/15 right.  Accept the challenge and go for 15/15.  I’ll let you know how you do.

Debby Vink, Membership Director