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CEMEX Lyons has been issued Notice of Termination
By Susan Saunders
Posted: 2024-04-11T00:37:58Z

Good Neighbors of Lyons

Good Afternoon!

Actually, it’s been a GREAT afternoon, as I have one very noteworthy update to share:

CEMEX Lyons has been issued a Notice of Termination from Boulder County

Link to Press Release

Headline: The County has determined that the increased traffic at the plant created a hazard, which improperly expanded the use of the cement plant. Subsequently, a Notice of Termination was issued, which ceases the plant’s right to operate. CEMEX, however, has 30 days to provide evidence that the director’s determination was incorrect, reduce the enlargement of the cement plant use, or appeal the determination to the Boulder County Board of County Commissioners. CEMEX will be able to operate its cement plant under current operating conditions until a final determination is made. Given the recent rezoning of CEMEX’s parcel to agricultural zoning, Director Dale Case indicated that, under County Regulations, CEMEX would NOT be able to apply for a Special Use permit in order to potentially continue operations.

This decision is a result of the complaint and investigation initiated by Good Neighbors of Lyons in January 2023, and supported by a petition signed by so many of you, as well as a letter signed by the mayors and many other elected officials in nearly every Boulder County municipality. While this is not exactly the end, this is the decision that we have been waiting on the edge of our seats for, and are relieved, to put it lightly.

 I will share CEMEX’s response and expected next steps as soon as we know more.

One final parting thought - never have these words from Margaret Mead rung more true (to me), “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Thank you to each and every one of you who have been on this journey with us.


Sarah Lorang

Good Neighbors of Lyons

Good Neighbors of LyonsGood Neighbors of Lyons

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