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Noncitizen Rights in Boulder County

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Adopted February 20, 2020

The LWVBC supports the inclusion of certain noncitizens residing in Boulder County, in some of our local democratic processes, at the county, municipal, school district, and special district level. 

First, the LWVBC supports voting rights, limited to the county and municipality where they reside, for noncitizens whose immigration status is one of these four: 

        • Legal permanent residents (green card holders) 

        • Immigrants granted asylum 

        • Noncitizens who have applied for citizenship or 

        • DACA recipients (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)
          and TPS holders (Temporary Protective Status). 

Each immigration status carries a length of U.S. residency requirement, which meets or exceeds the state’s residence requirements for voting. If these noncitizens also meet the state’s age requirement, they should be eligible to vote in local candidate elections and on local ballot proposals with and without fiscal impact. 

Second, we support allowing noncitizen residents who meet one of the four criteria above for voting in Boulder County, plus noncitizen residents with expired visas or no visa, to participate in the following additional ways: being appointed to boards and commissions; serving on non-Federal juries; and running for elected office. 

We believe that neither working within the relevant jurisdiction's boundary nor holding a temporary visa are by themselves, sufficient grounds to give voting or participation rights to noncitizens in local elections. 


The LWVBC has studied noncitizen rights since 2013 and concluded that the U.S. immigration policies, as practiced, are failing to provide a clear, consistent, and fair path to citizenship, with the attendant privileges and responsibilities of participating in the democratic processes which provide individuals with representation in government.