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2018 General Election   

   BOULDER COUNTY BALLOT ISSUES INFORMATION - with summaries of arguments for and against

Download our booklet here with information about all the proposals

     Or download these individual pamphlets . . .

     Boulder County

       • Ballot Issue 1A: (Alternative Sentencing Facility and Jail Modernization Countywide Sales and Use Tax Extension) -  PASSED

     City of Boulder

       • Ballot Issue 2C: Imposition of Oil and Gas Pollution Tax  -  PASSED

       • Ballot Issue 2D: Authorize Retention of All Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax Revenue  -  PASSED

       • Ballot Question 2E: Charter Amendments for Initiative, Referendum and Recall Processes  -  PASSED

       • Ballot Question 2F: Charter Amendment for Initiative Petition Signature Verification  -  PASSED

       • Ballot Question 2G: Charter Amendment Related to Electronic and Online Petitions  -  PASSED

       • Ballot Question 2H: Charter Amendment Related to Advisory Commissions  -  PASSED

       • Ballot Question 2I:   Charter Amendment for Planning Department Budget Recommendations  -  PASSED

     City of Lafayette

       • Ballot Issue 2A: Oil and Gas Pollution Tax  -  PASSED

    City of Longmont

       • Ballot Issue 3A: Revenue Bonds for Funding the Rehabilitation and Improvement of City Buildings  -  PASSED

       • Ballot Issue 3B: Revenue Bonds for Funding Fire Station Renovation or Replacement  -  PASSED

       • Ballot Issue 3C: Revenue Bonds for Funding Recreation Improvements  -  PASSED

     Download Boulder County "TABOR Notice" - contains pros and cons of tax & debt issues only


     Download our information pamphlet in English here, in Spanish here.

     Download and print the Blue Book / Folleto Informativo in English here, in Spanish here.

     Prepared by the nonpartisan Legislative Council, it describes the 13 statewide ballot measures,
     the pros and cons for each, and their fiscal impacts.
     The books also contains a section on the judges up for retention, and whether they
     met or failed to meet performance standards.

     Amendment 73 - Increased taxes for education -  FAILED
     Amendment 74 - Government compensation for reduction in property value
     Amendment 75 - Campaign contributions  -  FAILED
Amendment A -  Prohibit slavery  -  PASSED
     Amendment V - Lower age requirement for legislators  -  FAILED
     Amendment W - Election ballot format for judicial retention  -  PASSED
     Amendment X - Industrial hemp definition  -  PASSED
     Amendment Y - Legislative redistricting  -  PASSED***

     Amendment Z - Congressional redistricting  -  PASSED***
     Proposition 109 - Transportation funding with bonds  -  FAILED
     Proposition 110 - Transportation funding with sales tax & bonds  -  FAILED
     Proposition 111 - Lower interest on payday loans  -  PASSED
     Proposition 112 - Setback requirement for oil & gas operations  -  FAILED

   2018 BALLOTS -  ALL Boulder County municipalities and districts combined

Download ballot in English 
Download ballot in Spanish

We support or oppose a ballot proposal if we have studied the issue and reached member consensus.

Click here to read our take on the statewide proposals.

       Click here to read our take on the Boulder County proposals.

           Read why we support five proposals: Boulder County Issue 1A, City of Boulder 2C, 2D, and 2G,
           and City of Lafayette 2A. On all others we remain Neutral.


4th Congressional District Candidate Forum, October 6, 2018 - with thanks to the Longmont Observer!

        • The 2018 ballot proposals explained - statewide, county, Longmont - October 22, 2018

Use to learn all about the candidates

   ***LWVBC thanks all who helped make democracy work and VOTED in the 2018 mid-term election!
         And "we're thrilled that Colorado voters passed Amendments Y and Z. We are committed to ensuring
         that Colorado's district mapping process is truly fair and independent." —Peggy Leech, LWVBC President