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2017 Election

     November 7th, 2017

Of the 212,124 active registered voters 92,811 returned a ballot


Boulder County

• Ballot Issue 1A: Worthy Cause 0.05% Countywide Sales and Use Tax Extension (passed)
• Ballot Question 1B (Sheriff Term Limit Extension to Five Terms)  (passed)
• Ballot Question 1C (Authorization to Provide Broadband Services)  (passed)

City of Boulder

• Ballot Issue 2L: City of Boulder Utility Occupation Tax Increase and Extension  (passed)
Ballot Issue 2M: City of Boulder
0.3 Cents Capital Improvement Tax Extension  (passed)

• Ballot Issue 2N: City of Boulder Debt Authority for Capital Improvement Tax  (passed)

• Ballot Question 2O: City of Boulder Charter Requirement for Vote Before Electric Construction Debt  (passed)

• Ballot Question 2P: City of Boulder Charter Provision Allowing Executive Sessions for Municipalization  (failed)

• Ballot Question 2Q: City of Boulder Charter Clean Up  (passed)

City of Lafayette

• Ballot Issue 2A: Open Space Tax Extension  (passed)

• Ballot Issue 2B: Storage Tax  (passed)

• Ballot Issue 2C: Street Improvement Revenue Bonds  (passed)

• Ballot Question 2D Compensation of Mayor and Councilors  (passed)

• Ballot Question 2E Residential Growth Management  (passed)

City of Longmont

• Ballot Issue 2H [Public Safety Sales Tax] (passed)

• Ballot Issue 2J [Water System Improvements]  (passed)
• Ballot Issue 2I [Marijuana Tax]  (passed)

City of Louisville
Ballot Issue 2F [Historic Preservation Sales Tax]  (passed)

          • Ballot Question 2G  [High-Speed Internet]  (passed)


       Download Boulder County "TABOR Notice" - contains pros and cons of tax & debt issues only


The League can support or oppose ballot proposals only if we have a program position, reached through member study and consensus, on issues directly relevant to the proposal before the voters. If the League has no position or conflicting positions, LWVBC will remain neutral.

         On the 2017 ballot
the LWVBC was NEUTRAL on these thirteen proposals:

  Boulder County 1C,
  City of Boulder 2L, 2N, 2O, 2P and 2Q,
  Lafayette 2B, 2C, and 2D,
  Longmont 2I and 2K, and
  Louisville 2F and 2G


 •  Boulder County Issue 1A, based on the LWV position promoting efficient fiscal administration, including adequate and equitable financing of municipal programs, current and long range

 •  Boulder County Question 1B, based on LWV opposition to term limits; Question 1B attempts to mitigate effects of term limits already in place

 • City of Boulder 2M, based on LWV positions for efficient fiscal administration and environmental planning, which encourages addressing future needs of public spaces 

 • City of Lafayette Issue 2A, based on our Natural Resources position covering open space

 • City of Lafayette Question 2E, based on our growth management position to promote balanced development for all economic levels

 • City of Longmont Issue 2H, based on our LWV position supporting fiscally responsible government

 • City of Longmont Issue 2J, based on our LWV/Colorado position supporting water storage and supply efforts

     2017 BALLOTS (complete)

Download ballot in English 
Download ballot in Spanish


BVSD School Board Candidate Forum September 27th, 2017 (100 mins., fast-fwd 5 mins. from start)
        • Lafayette City Council Candidate Forum 
        • Boulder City Council Candidate Forum October 14th, 2017 (120 mins.)

Use to learn all about the candidates