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Community Conversations

Election Recall Process in Colorado - Nov 20, 2021

Caleb Thornton, Legal, Policy, and Rulemaking Manager- Elections, Department of State. With the ever-increasing number of recalls across the state and nation, our members and non-members are looking to be better educated on the recall process. Watch recording of election recall talk.

Proportional Representation: What it is and why it matters - Nov 17, 2021
Proportional Representation presentation by Marcus Ogren, Voting Methods. Watch PR recording.

Election Security - Oct 26, 2021

How Colorado’s gold-standard election system works, and why voters can trust election results. Watch recording of election security webinar.

Redistricting in Colorado: Impacts in Boulder County - Aug 5, 2021

An online Community Conversation about the current Colorado Redistricting process and how it could impact political districts in Boulder County. Hear from Dr. Beth Malmskog, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for an overview of the issue, the role of the Colorado Independent Redistricting Commission, and how community members can get information and provide feedback on this process. Watch recording of redistricting conversation.

Voting Methods: Four Better Alternatives to Vote-for-One Plurality - May 13, 2021
This webinar, presented by the LWVBC Voting Methods Team, provides a basic introduction to the problems with the current Plurality method of voting and how four different voting methods can better reflect the will of the people and improve the voting experience in single-winner elections. Watch the recorded voting methods webinar.

Large Scale Composting Facility in Boulder County - April 14, 2021

There has been much in the local news about a possible new compost facility to serve Boulder County. While the location on open space has been taken out of consideration, the need for a facility remains. In this panel discussion, learn more about the history of composting, what composting is, where does it come from, where does it go, what are the costs and the benefits, and where do we go from here. Watch recording of compost facility conversation.

Local Government Racial Equity Plans - March 3, 2021
A presentation and discussion from local government representatives from the City of Boulder (Aimee Kane) and Boulder County (Carrie Inoshita) about their current work to address and advance racial equity. Watch recording of racial equity plan conversation.

LWVBC She is Me, - August 26, 2020
An interactive discussion with LWV of Boulder County members about the role of women in empowering voters and defending democracy. Watch She is Me recording.

Ballot Issue Presentations

Lafayette/Louisville/Colorado Ballot Issues Presentation - Oct 10, 2021
Watch recording of Louisville/Lafayette presentation

City of Boulder Ballot Issues Presentation - Oct 9, 2021

Watch recording of Boulder presentation

Candidate Forums

BVSD Board of Education Candidate Forum - Oct 13, 2021
Watch recording of Board of Education forum

City of Lafayette City Council Candidate Forum  - Oct 12, 2021
Watch recording of Lafayette candidate forum

City of Boulder City Council Candidate Forum Night 2 - Oct 7, 2021

Watch recording of Boulder forum, second night.

City of Boulder City Council Candidate Forum Night 1 - Oct 6, 2021
Watch recording of Boulder forum

City of Longmont City Council Mayoral Forum - Oct 4, 2021
Watch recording of Longmont mayoral forum.

City of Longmont City Council Candidates Forum - Oct 3, 2021

Watching recording of Longmont forum.

Louisville City Council Candidate Forum - Sept 30, 2021
Watch recording of Louisville forum.

Older Recorded Videos

For other past videos, please visit the LWVBC YouTube Channel

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