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Information for November 2020 Election
  Videos are available on our YouTube Channel and linked from the following list
   October 4: Ballot Issues Webinar - Presentations by Catherine Brown, Charles Duscha, Deborah Hayes, Lina Hird,
       Peggy Leech, and Holly Monkman; Mandy Nuku, Moderator.
   October 4: Candidate Forum, Colorado House Districts 11 and 12 - in English — en español
       District 11 -  Mark Milliman (R) and Karen McCormick (D).
       District 12 - Tracey Burnett (D) and Eric J. Davila (R); 
Josephine Porter, Moderator
   October 6: Candidate Forum, Colorado House District 33 - in English
       Matt Gray (D) and Mindy Quiachon (R); Mark Parsons, Moderator
   October 8: Candidate Forum, Colorado Senate District 18 - in English 
       Steve Fenberg (D) and Peg Cage (R); Elizabeth Crowe, Moderator
   October 12: Candidate Forum, Boulder County Commissioners in Districts 1 and 2 - in English
      District 1: Cinda Kochen (R) and Claire Levy (D)
      District 2: Marta Loachamin (D) and James T. Crowder (R); Elizabeth Crowe, Moderator
   October 13: Candidate Forum, Colorado House District 10 - in English  - en español
       Edie Hooten (D) and Kenneth J. Stickney (R); Martine Elianor, Moderator
   October 15: Candidate Forum, Colorado House District 13 - in English
       Kevin Sepple (R), Judy Amabile (D), Jemes E. "Jed" Gilman (L); Carolyn Cutler, Moderator

Special Event
   October 29, 2020Panel Discussion: 100 Years of (White) Women's Suffrage: Where Are We Now and What Lies Ahead?
    Watch the video here (begins at about 5:30, duration 1:20:00)
Cosponsored by the Longmont Museum, KGNU Community Radio, and LWVBC.
     Introduced by Justin Veech, Manager of the Museum's Stewart Auditorium. 
     Speakers: Rebecca Hunt, Marta Loachamin, and Shiquita Yarbrough.  Maeve Conran, Moderator.

Boulder City Council Election Methods Forum on July 19, 2020
  Watch the forum on YouTube (1:31:39)
  Slides from the forum can be downloaded here  (PDF)

Candidate Forums before 2020 Primary
  Watch District 2 candidates for CU Regent here  -  June 17, 2020 - (about 1 hr)
  Watch our forum for Boulder County Commissioner District 2 candidates in the primary -
       Fast-forward to 15:00 to begin
       in English here and in Spanish here  - June 10, 2020
  Watch our Erie Mayor and Town Board Candidate Forum here - it starts at 13:00 & ends at 2:10:00
      recorded March 12, 2020

Voting Methods in 2019 
  Aaron Hamlin analyzes proportional voting methods for multi-winner voting
       recorded December 4, 2019 (45:00 + Q&A 23:00)
  State Senator Mike Foote explains why he supports the National Popular Vote Compact   
       recorded November 12, 2019
 (Drinks and Dialogue, 1:13:00)
  Jeanne Clelland: "The Will of the People: How We Vote and Why It Matters" and slide show
        recorded November 10, 2019 (Community Conversation, 1:08:08)

Issues and Candidates
- Election November 5, 2019

   BVSD Board Candidate Forum  October 2, 2019

   Broomfield City Council Candidate Forum - October 3, 2019
       Video begins at about 6:00, after candidates' opening statements,
        owing to technical difficulties

   Lafayette City Council Candidate Forum October 10, 2019

   Boulder City Council Candidate Forum October 12, 2019

   Louisville City Council Candidate Forum October 15, 2019
        Scroll down to Upcoming & Archived Videos and click on 
         Louisville City Council Candidate Forum 2019 - Tuesday 10/15/2019

Community Conversations

Is it time to change Boulder County's governmental structure?
Speakers: Peggy Leech, Michelle Krezek, Mary Raynolds, Gaythia Weis, Celeste Landry, Gary Cooper
August 13, 2019 - 1h4 26min

Dark Money in Politics
Speaker: Lisa Graves, Executive Director, Center for Media and Democracy
18 September 2017 - 1hr 20min

Drinks and Dialogue 2017

Voter Suppression
Speaker:  Suzanne Staiert, Colorado Deputy Secretary of State
April 18th, 2017 - 42 mins

How Can We Eliminate the Electoral College?
Speaker: Nancy Crowe, President, LWV of Colorado
February 6th, 2017 -  92 mins
Voting Methods Explained
More information is on the Voting Methods Team page ("Teams At Work" menu) along with PDFs and slides from the videos. To see one of the videos listed below, click the title.

Voting Methods 101 (24 mins.)

More Choices for Voters - Community Conversations

  • Part 1: Implications of Maine's decision for Instant-Runoff Voting for Colorado and the nation (82 mins.)

  • Part 2: Colorado's Approval Voting bill and the use of this method by CU student government (84 mins.)

  • Part 3: Proportional Representation (92 mins.)

Money in Politics

Watch our 6-minute YouTube video that describes how money influences our electoral campaigns and give you tips on what you can do.  
Let's Talk ... Money in Politics

Video Archives

Video Replay:  LWVBC Kickoff 2019
Longevity Awards Fall Kickoff, Senior Center, Lafayette – 28 September 2019
Video Replays: Issues and Candidates
November 2018 Election
Ballot Issues presentation—Colo, Bldr County, Longmont—Oct 22, 2018
2nd Congressional District Candidate Forum, Oct 11, 2018
4th Congressional District Candidate Forum, Oct 6, 2018 
      Forum begins at about 7'30"
Sheriff and County Commissioner Candidate Forum, Oct 4, 2018,  
      Part I, Part II

Video Replay:  Longmont City Council Ward 1 Candidates Forum 
5 February 2018

The November 2017 election left Mayor Bagley's former Ward 1 seat vacant. Candidates: Joshua Goldberg, Tim Waters, and Russ Lyman (Lyman unable to attend)
Longmont City Council Word 1 Candidates Forum 5 February 2018
 (53 mins.)  

Video Replay:  Meet Your Legislators
4 March 2017

Panel discussion by Colorado legislators representing Boulder County

Meet Your Legislators - 4 March 2017