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Elections 1997–2007 (Archives)

Each year we publish 
pros and cons of ballot issues in Boulder County and statewide, and LWV positions on the ballot issues.
We post links to videos of our candidate 
forums and the legislative panel. 
After the election we
 post the results (issues only, not candidates). 

Our archives are not complete for every year and we have nothing for 2002 and 1998.
Documents will be added to this page as they become available.

2007 Election

2007 County Issue 1A (Open Space)

2006 Election

Issues on the Ballot - Pros and Cons (33 p.)

Boulder County

  • Ballot Issue 1A: Sales/Use Tax for Transit/Trails (failed) 

Boulder Valley School District

  • Ballot Issue 3A: Bond Issue--Educational Facilities (passed) 

City of Boulder

  • Issue 201: Fire Training Center Tax (passed)

  • Issue 202: Climate Action Plan Tax (passed)

  • Question 2A: Annexation by Vote (failed)

  • Question 2B: Drinking Water Standards (failed) 

City of Lafayette

  • Question 2A: Elections (passed)

  • Question 2B: Boards and Commissions (failed)

  • Question 2C: Residential Growth Management (passed)

  • Question 2D: Gender Neutral (passed) 

City of Louisville

  • Issue 2A: Use Tax (failed) 

Town of Superior

  • Issue 2A: Mill Levy for Library Services (failed) 

STATE Issues:
      38 (failed) 39 (failed) 40 (failed) 41 (failed) 42 - minimum wage (passed) 43 (failed) 44 (failed)
      E (failed) F (passed) G (passed) H (passed) I (passed) J (failed) K (passed)

2005 Election

Boulder County

  • Issue 1A: TABOR Surplus Retention

  • Question 1B: Extension of Term Limits for the County Assessor, County Coroner, County Surveyor and County Treasurer

  • Question 1C: Extension of Term Limits for the Sheriff

  • Question 1D: Extension of Term Limits for the County Clerk 

Boulder Valley School District

  • Issue 3A: Mill Levy Increase for Transportation

  • Question 3B: Term Limits Extension 

City of Lafayette

  • Question 2A: Boards and Commissions

  • Question 2B: Lease Open Space

  • Question 2C: Municipal Court

  • Question 2D: Fire and Police

  • Question 2E: Administrative Service

  • Question 2F: Budget Control  = a "package" of six City Charter ammendments 

City of Louisville

  • Issue 2A: Use Tax

Town of Superior

  • Issue 2A: Natural Open Space Area Bonds


Support for Boulder County !A, 1B, 1C, and 1D, BVSD 3A and 3B, and Town of Superior 2A
Neutral on Boulder 2A, Lafayette 1A through 2F, and Louisville 2A

2004 Election


Boulder County  

  • Issue 1A: Open Space Sales Tax (passed)

  • Issue 1B: Wildfire Prevention and Suppression Sales Tax (failed)

  • Issue 1C: Retention of TABOR Surplus (passed) 

City of Lafayette

  • Issue 2A: Police Station Property Tax (passed) 

City of Louisville

  • Question 200: Revision of City Council Procedures, Home Rule Charter Amendment (passed)


  • Amendment 34: Property owner's rights (failed)

  • Amendment 35: Tobacco tax (passed)

  • Amendment 36: Selection of presidential electors (failed)

  • Amendment 37: Renewable energy (passed)

  • Referendum A: State personnel system (failed)

  • Referendum B: Obsolete constitutional provisions (passed)


  • Amendment 4A: FasTracks (passed

  • Amendment 4B: Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (passed) 


Boulder County

 • 1A: SUPPORT (LWVBV supports acquisition, management, funding of open space)


 • 1C: SUPPORT (LWV opposes constitutional amendments that restrict taxes and spending because they undermine representative government, prevent equitable and flexible tax system, and take away elected officials' power to provide adequate funding for government, schools, highways, and public welfare programs) 

City of Lafayette

 • Issue 2A: SUPPORT (looks to future economy and efficiency of municipal programs, and distributes costs of public improvements in light of distribution of benefits; equitable taxation; earmarking is limited) 

City of Louisville

 • Question 200: NO POSITION

2003 Election


Boulder County and Municipalities (Pros and Cons of All Issues)

Boulder County

  • Issue 1A: Worthy Cause Sales and Use Tax Extension (passed)

  • Issue 1B: Offender Management and Services Capital Improvement Fund Sales and Use Tax

  • Issue 1C: Revenue Retention in Excess of TABOR Limitations 

City of Boulder

  • Issue 201: Open Space Sales Tax

  • Issue 202: Public Safety Sales Tax Continuation [for General Fund Services]

  • Question 2A: Appointment of Municipal Court Judges

  • Question 2B: Council Committee for City Manager, Attorney, and Judge

  • Question 2C: Election of Mayor and Council (failed) 

City of Lafayette

  • Issue 2A: Extension of the Legacy Tax for Open Space 

City of Louisville

  • Issue 2A: Continuation of Use Tax on Building Materials 

Superior Metropolitan Districts (SMDs) 2 and 3 and Town of Superior: Governmental Reorganization

  • SMD #3 Question 4A: Dissolution of SMD 3

  • SMD #2 Question 5A: Dissolution of SMD 2

  • Town of Superior Issue 2A: Property Tax Increase

2001 Election

2001 County Issues 1B (end) and 1C (Term Limits, Transportation Tax)


Boulder County (Unofficial, pending concurrence of LWV of Longmont)

  • 1A Fire Training Center Sales Tax - NO POSITION 

  • 1B Transportation Improvements Sales Tax - OPPOSE 

  • 1C Ending Term Limits - SUPPORT   


City of Boulder
• 2A Functions of Open Space Department - NO POSITION 


City of Lafayette
• 2A Growth Management Proposal + Affordable Housing - SUPPORT

  • 2B Growth Management Proposal - SUPPORT

  • 2C Conposition of Planning Commission - NO POSITION 


City of Louisville
• 2A TABOR Amendment - SUPPORT

  • 2B City Charter - SUPPORT

  • 2C Fischer Annexation Property - NO POSITION 


Town of Superior
• 2A Open Space Sales Tax - NO POSITION

  • 2B Community/Recreation Center Sales Tax - NO POSITION

  • 2C Community/Recreation Center Property Tax - NO POSITION 

2000 Election
Boulder County Issues in 2000

1999 Election

1999 County Issue 1A (Open Space)


1997 Election

1997 County Issues