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 2008 Election (Archives)


Boulder County 

  • Issue 1A: Clean Energy Options LID Debt and Multiple Fiscal Year Financial Obligation Authorization

  • Issue 1B: Worthy Cause 0.05% County-Wide Sales and Use Tax Extension Issue (passed) 

City of Boulder

  • Issue 201: City Retention of Property Tax Funds (passed)

  • Issue 202: Sales and Use Tax Extension (passed)

  • Question 2A: City Council Compensation (failed)

  • Question 2B: City Council Executive Sessions (failed)

  • Question 2C: Amendment of Recall Election Procedures (passed

  • Question 2D: Permit City Lease Up to Forty Years (failed)

  • Question 2E: Qualifications for Appointment to City Commissions (failed)


While the League is non-partisan (we do not support or oppose any political party or candidate), the League advocates on issues, and, as a result, the League may choose to take supportive, opposing, or neutral positions on various ballot issues.

Boulder County

  • 1A: SUPPORT (conservation of energy and renewable resources)

  • 1B: SUPPORT (promotes self-sufficiency and poverty reduction)

City of Boulder

  • 201: SUPPORT (promotes efficient fiscal administration, adequate ande equitable financing of municipal programs, current and long range)

  • 202: NEUTRAL (neither support nor oppose)

  • 2A: SUPPORT (provides reasonable compensation for elected officials)

  • 2B: OPPOSE (we support restrictions on communications among elected officials outside of open public meetings)



  • 2E: NEUTRAL 

City of Lafayette

  • 2A: OPPOSE (we do not support earmarking)

  • 2B: SUPPORT (efficient fiscal administration, adequate, equitable financing of municipal programs, current and long range. In addition, we believe that residential and commercial growth should pay their fair share of capital construction costs) 

City of Longmont

  • 2A: NEUTRAL 

City of Louisville

  • 2A: NEUTRAL 

St. Vrain Valley School District

  • 3A: SUPPORT (we believe district citizens have responsibility for financial support for excellence in education)

  • 3B: SUPPORT (same reasons as for 3A)