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 Boulder County

  • Issue 1A: Road and Bridge Mill Levy Increase (failed)
  • Issue 1B: Countywide Open Space Sales and Use Tax Bond Authorization and Tax Extension (passed)
  • Issue 1C: Countywide Sustainability Sales and Use Tax Extension (passed)
  • Question 1D: District Attorney Term Limit Extension to Four Terms (failed) 

   Boulder Valley School District Issue 3A: Mill Levy Override (passed0

   St. Vrain Valley School District Issue 3A: Bond Issue (passed)

   City of Boulder

  • Issue 2H: Sugar Sweetened Beverage Product Distribution Tax (passed)
  • Question 2J: Provide Insurance Benefits for Council Members (passed)
  • Question 2L: Clarify and Amend Blue Line, Water Not Supplied West of Line (passed)
  • Question 302: Qualifications of Council Members [Term Limits] (passed) 

   City of Lafayette

  • Issue 2C: Community Bus Pass Program Levy (failed)
  • Issue 2D: Storage Tax (failed)
  • Question 2E: Authorizing the Provision of Telecommunication (passed)
  • Question 2F: Charter Amendment Boards And Commissions Qualifications (failed) 

   City of Louisville

  • Issue 2A: Facilities Renovation Tax (passed)
  • Issue 2B: Facilities Maintenance Tax (passed) 

As required by TABOR, Boulder County published a NOTICE OF ELECTION: Tax Issues, available online.


The nine state ballot issues in 2016 consisted of six proposed amendments to the state Constitution (T, U, 69, 70, 71, 72) and three proposed statutes (106, 107, 108). The 2016 State Ballot Information Booklet (the bluebook) published by the Legislative Council of the Colorado General Assembly, is available online in English and in Spanish.


Boulder County voters voted on one Colorado Supreme Court justice, ten Court of Appeals judges, and two 20th Judicial District judges. 

The Office of Judicial Performance Review prepares Recommendations on the Retention of Judges. For judges in Boulder County click here

Read about Colorado's Judicial Merit Selection process here.


Note: Besides our voter education functions, LWV may also take an advocacy position on selected proposals. LWV supports or opposes an issue only if our members have established a Program Position directly relevant to the question before the voters. To arrive at such positions, members prioritize a public policy area, study it in depth, and identify the points around which members are in broad agreement. Positions are reconsidered annually and affirmed, revised or dropped.



 - LWVBC OPPOSED City of Boulder Question 302 based on our position against term limits.

 - LWVBC SUPPORTED the following:

  • County Issues 1B and 1C - based on our Natural Resources position covering open space, solid waste management, transportation and water
  • County Issue 1D - which attempts to mitigate effects of term limits already in place
  • City of Boulder 2I - based on our Government and Environmental Planning position and its principals of good planning
  • Lafayette 2C - based on our Natural Resources position covering transportation specifically supporting incentives to encourage use of alternative transportation
  • Lafayette 2F - based on our national principles that democratic government depends upon informed and active participation in government
  • SVVSD 3A - based on our School Policy position for Sites and Facilities supporting efficient use of district facilities and long-range planning for school construction 

LWVBC was NEUTRAL on Boulder County 1A; City of Boulder 2H and 2J; Lafayette 2D and 2E; Louisville 2A and 2B; and BVSD 3A.

- LWV supported seven statewide proposals:

ColoradoCare Amendment #69
State Minimum Wage Amendment #70

Amendment #72, Increase in Cigarette Tax

Proposition #107 Presidential Primary Election

Proposition #108, Primary Elections

Amendment #T, No Exception To Involuntary Servitude Prohibition

Amendment #U, Exempt Certain Possessory Interests From Property Taxes


We co-sponsor FREE PUBLIC Candidate Forums with the municipalities to help voters make more informed decisions. During the legislative session each year we sponsor a panel discussion among state legislators representing Boulder County.

The League is non-partisan. We do not support or oppose any political party or candidate.

Meet Your Legislators! - April 2, 2016

Boulder County Commissioner Candidate Forum - Districts 1 and 2 - September 10, 2016

Superior Town Board of Trustees Candidate Forum  -  September 13th: scroll down to Community Programs 2016, then click on Candidate's Forum . . . 09/13/2016 . . . video

Prospectiva Colorado Legislature Candidate Forum  - September 17th -  scroll down to Candidate Forum