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VS Candidate Forum setup
Susan Saunders
This thread/post is just to alert you that a "forum" for the Candidate Forum team has been created on the LWVBC website. There are some nice features of using the forum to communicate:
1) You'll receive an email at your regular address which you can read and then delete to reduce the clutter in your inbox, however, the message will remain on the website so you can find it again if you want to check a detail.
2) You can attach documents to your thread, just like regular email and again they are stored for easy retrieval without having to search your sent file.
3) All members of the forum are included in the messaging, unless they opt out. For now, we don't expect too much traffic, so stay opted "in" until we see if there turns out to be too much email.
4) The forum name will always appear [VS Candidate Forum]in brackets, but you will have a subject line for the actual content topic, so searches for a message within a thread should be easy.

This is Voter Service's first experiment with using the website's forum communication so bear with us as we learn to use it. I will move some basic documents into this forum, but I'm not certain how you may or may not be notified of their addition. Let Jeanine or me know whenever you see something strange or have a question about this new process.
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