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Alternative Voting Methods Task Force

July meeting minutes
Linda Mahan

I'm interested in reading minutes of the July meeting. Can they be posted to this Forum as background for those of us who want to catch up before the meeting next week?

Thank you,

Linda Mahan

LWV Larimer County, CO

Celeste Landry


Sorry that nobody seemed to see your message until just now. During the meeting we talked about the Alt VM Forum, but I guess that nobody saw your message. We mentioned that there was only one message on the forum from 2021, but that we want to start using it more diligently and encourage members to change their profile so that they get notifications when there is a post in the Forum. We didn't really take official minutes at the July meeting, but there are some notes from the meeting at

That doc also has a link to the recording of the meeting.

The Google folder with all our stuff is at

Hope someone from Larimer County can join us in the future. We have some big ideas that we are considering.

Celeste Landry

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