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Dark Money, Transparency, and Cybersecurity
Carolyn Elliott

This article comes from Oregon's LWVOR president by way of team member Ruth Stemler. Thank you, Ruth!

Subject: Balancing Dark Money privacy and transparency, LWVUS Concurrence for Cybersecurity

To: <> <>, LWV state presidents <>, Cybersecurity Concurrence Group <>

LWV Oregon plans to bring our multifaceted privacy & cybersecurity position ( to LWV Convention 2022 for concurrence. Today's news underscores the increasing need to share this as a national position.

Today's "Bend Votes," local press (, calls for improved election transparency, a flip side of privacy. This was forwarded to us today while working on campaign finance reform. It reports local political operatives are creating shell C4 groups, cloaking dark money dealing with urgent social media calls for election issues. It’s a good local example of creating a C4 with a name that reveals nothing about its donors.

LWVOR has put our work to good use already, testified for a half a dozen bills, balancing candidates' home address privacy with email address transparency (for Vote411!), risk-limiting audits for election security, improving transparency of initiative funding sources, protection from tax fraud and identity theft, and voter registration.

Scroll through the pages of our study ( - it is fun to read the American history of Privacy!

Use our privacy and cybersecurity resources (, audio, video, and slide presentations for your study or book groups! We're happy to share speakers, too.

We miss seeing you in person, fingers crossed for Denver! 🤗


Rebecca Gladstone

President LWVOR

c. 541.510.9387

The links provide a lot of excellent information.


Carolyn Elliott

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