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Membership Development Forum

Notes from the 8.25.21 meeting
Beth Hendrix

Hi all --

Thanks so much for a great initial meeting of the Membership Development Forum!

Let's use this spot as a place to share ideas and resources.

Notes from last night's meeting:


-- New Member Orientation, individual or group, works well to integrate and share info.

-- direct phone calls to new members help to discover interests and reason for joining and can spur integration.

-- assigning a mentor or buddy works well in assimilating new members.

-- a 5-question new member survey developed by La Plata members has helped to determine interests; though it doesn't attract strong response, it is still helpful to leadership.

-- avoid pigeon-holing based on your perspective of a new member.


-- Candi-Dating

-- traditional candidate forums

-- Drinks & Dialogue

MEMBERS -- please post information about the above programs (and others) as you're able!

A quick organizational assessment can help to identify potential roles for new members; i.e., is your League event-oriented or committee-oriented? Knowing this information and sharing it with new members can orient them as to organizational focus and spark ideas for involvement.

While sharing events on LWVCO's calendar is helpful for Colorado Leagues in promoting events, LWVCO will explore ways to push events more strongly -- perhaps through dedicated emails.

LWVCO will be sharing a LWVCO New Member Orientation presentation soon that Colorado Leagues can share with new members as they see fit. We'll continue quarterly live presentations as well.

Here's a link to the meeting's recording:

Don't hesitate to email or call Beth with feedback or ideas! 303-588-5470 cell;


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