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Carolyn Elliott

In case you missed it, LWVUS sent an e-mail (check your inbox) to sign their petition to ask President Biden to speak out a lot to urge the US Senate to pass S#1 (one of our goals) any way possible. This bill will be a once-in-a-lifetime bill to restore the Voting Rights Act, and modernize our voter registration system, among other things. This bill will decrease money in politics a great deal too...

Dear Carolyn,

We're close to passing once-in-a-generation legislation to protect the freedom to vote.

The For the People Act (S1) would:

• Restore the Voting Rights Act;

• Modernize our voter registration system;

• Restore voting rights to formerly-incarcerated individuals;

• Curb partisan gerrymandering; and

• Make campaign contributions more transparent.

President Biden was elected to office to improve our democracy -- and that's why we're calling on him to continue speaking out in favor of S1 and to urge the Senate to pass it by any means necessary!

Sign the petition [] today to let him know you feel the same way! Together, we can strengthen our democracy.


The League Team

Carolyn Elliott

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