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Gallagher Amendment
Rionda Osman
Here's a pretty good article on the state of the Gallagher Amendment today.  Seems like there might be steam building up for it in the Legislature.

Gallagher led to $35 billion in residential property tax cuts. Now Colorado lawmakers want voters to repeal it.

A measure at the Capitol to put the question on the 2020 ballot appears fast-tracked for passage with bipartisan support

Rionda Osman
News on the Gallagher Repeal front:

Now that Colorado lawmakers have put Gallagher repeal on the ballot, will they actually be able to pass it?


Already trouble signs are emerging signaling that would-be allies lack the enthusiasm needed to sell the 2020 electorate on a difficult ballot question

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Rionda Osman

Rewrite of Gallagher Amendment repeal explanation in Colorado’s state-issued voter guide leads to lawsuit


“Protect Our Homes Colorado,” which opposes Amendment B, has filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the printing of the so-called blue book until changes are made
Rionda Osman

Here's another in the series on the Gallagher Amendment from the Colorado Sun:

Amendment B explained: What repealing the Gallagher Amendment would mean for Colorado and your property taxes

by Brian Eason

Colorado lawmakers voted in bipartisan fashion to ask voters to remove the constitutional amendment, but didn’t offer a replacement plan

Published on Sep 29, 2020 2:17AM MDT

Carolyn Elliott
Thanks, Rionda.
The writer, Brian Eason, does an excellent job of explaining the ramifications of retaining and repealing the Gallagher Amendment. I'm leaning towards repealing the Gallagher Amendment, even though you, Peggy and I interviewed Mr. Dennis Gallagher, a brilliant man, and despite the possibility our property taxes will increase. I'm hoping the Legislature can create a better solution, given our current economic situation, which is the fly in the ointment. Yet, I'm still open to sound counter arguments. 

Carolyn Elliott
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