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Healthcare Committee

HCR4US March 2023 Newsletter
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Hi, Linda

I'm interested inbeing a member of this taskforce - and would like to participate in your meeting planned for 3/26. Thanks.

Donna Nielsen


Two informative resources from the national network of Leaguers educating and advocating for the League position are worth a look:

HCR4US Toolkit:

The March 2023 Newsletter -- highlights what makes traditional Medicare Medicare, and by extension, why do we say "Medicare Advantage" is NOT Medicare.

A new bill introduced in Congress called the "Save Medicare Act" proposes to rename so-called "Medicare Part C" (usually called Medicare Advantage) as an "alternate private insurance plan". It would impose a fine of $100,000 for each instance of a private insurance plan implying that it is Medicare.

If you are interested in joining the monthly Zoom meetings of the League's network, reply to me and we'll add your name to the invitation. The next meeting will be Sunday, March 26 at 6 pm (MDT).

Linda S. Mahan

LWV Larimer County, CO

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