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Healthcare Committee

HCR4US December newsletter
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The League's national healthcare reform network newsletter focuses on organizing for reform with local and state health care committees.

Tip: If you don't have a dedicated healthcare or social policy committee, get involved with the most active committees in your League, whether it's the environment, gun safety, prison reform, reproductive health, or other. There's always a health dimension to explore!

It's a mathematical fact that we can't win guaranteed health care for all Americans unless we engage a broader segment of the population. We have to break down the idea that people on only one side of the aisle care about sick-care and wellness care. Just maybe, we saw in the midterms indications that health care and reproductive care may help "bridge the partisan divide". As the saying goes, "If the people lead, the politicians will follow." Let's find those people!

Linda S. Mahan

LWV Larimer County, CO

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