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Hello everyone,

As the legislative session gets closer, and the interim activity is in full swing, here's an update from the LAC (Legislative Action Committee).

Save the dates for the LWVCO Advocacy Trainings.

All League members are invited to attend the Advocacy Trainings and we especially would like to see some Healthcare Committee members attend. If you plan to participate - please respond to this post so we can see the interest.

Advocacy trainings: Nov. 11, Dec. 9 and Jan. 6, 9:00 - 10:00 am

The first LAC meeting will be Friday, Jan. 13 9-11 am. The LAC will continue to meet on a bi-weekly basis throughout the session.

There are links below to access the interim committees and the audio for the Legislative Council Committee which will be meeting on Oct. 14 to discuss legislation recommended by the interim committees.

Finally, as the LWVCO Committees (like Healthcare) and task forces continue to get their work underway, more coordination between them and the LAC will take place.

Please let Andrea Wilkins, Kathy Wilson or Maud Naroll know if you have any questions.

Interim legislative committees have been meeting, many already posting possible legislation. Scroll down to Interim in the committees page, click on committees that interest you, and look for a legislation button.

Interim committees can introduce only a limited number of bills. The Legislative Council will meet Oct 14, 9 am to decide which bills will get introduced, and audio will be available at the time.

Remember, LWVCO Committee and Task Force members are not lobbyists for the League of Women Voters and are not authorized to lobby on behalf of the League (except for Legislative Action Committee members, with LAC approval)

However any League member may comment on legislation as an individual.

If a LWVCO Committee/Task Force collectively wants to support or oppose a bill, their liaison(s) to the LAC will take that request to the LAC for a vote.

Andrea Wilkins

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