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STATE: State Ballot Issues

  • Amendment S (Referendum): State Personnel System (passed)

  • Amendment 64 (Constitutional initiative): Use and Regulation of Marijuana (passed)

  • Amendment 65 (Constitutional initiative): Colorado Congressional Delegation to Support Campaign Finance Limits (passed) 



City of Boulder

  • Issue No. 2A: Climate Action Plan Tax Extension (passed)

  • Issue No. 2B: Sales and Use Tax Extension (passed)

  • Question No. 2C: Measurement by Year Rather Than by Month for Compensation for City Council Members (passed)

  • Question No. 2D: Permit City Lease Up To Thirty Years (passed) 


Town of Erie

  • Issue 2A: Public Safety Building (failed) 


City of Lafayette

  • Question No. 2A: Open Space Tax Extension (passed)

  • Issue No. 2B: Residential Growth Management (passed) 


City of Longmont

  • Question No. 2A: Public Service Company Gas Franchise (passed)

  • Question No. 300: Charter Amendment to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing (passed)


City of Louisville Issue No. 2A: Open Space Sales Tax (passed)


St Vrain Valley School District RE-1J Issue No. 3A: Mill Levy Override to Mitigate State Funding Cuts (passed)


The pro and con statements are a compilation of the material submitted by proponents and opponents of each ballot issue. The League of Women Voters is not responsible for the accuracy or fairness of the arguments of either side.



League Positions on State and Local Ballot Issues Addressed by the League

While the League is non-partisan (we do not support or oppose any political party or candidate), the League advocates on issues, and, as a result, the League may choose to take supportive, opposing, or neutral positions on various ballot issues.




To watch videos of our Candidate Forums click here.

The League is non-partisan (we do not support or oppose any political party or candidate).



Boulder County and Colorado Appellate Court Judges Judges on the ballot and their performance reviews

Colorado has a merit system for electing judges: a citizens' committee recommends whether judges on the ballot should be retained or not in their present judgeship, based on performance reviews. On the ballot, you are asked whether a judge should be retained or not retained. You can see the citizens' committee recommendation to retain or not retain a judge on the performance reviews site.

2012 Videos Archive

Meet Your Legislators! Recorded 04/07/2012


Boulder County Commissioners Candidate Forum  (original event videotaped 5/8/2012)


HOW WE REVIVE OUR DEMOCRACY - movie Patriocracy  -  See panel discussion -  videotaped 10/2/2012)


Superior Board of Trustees Candidate Forum(original event videotaped 10/24/2012)