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Current Focus 1: Making Democracy Work For All
We applaud the LWVBC Voter Service team, which makes voter registration easily available in a variety of locations and for virtually every demographic in Boulder County, including underserved populations.

Current Focus 2: Noncitizen Rights in Boulder County
In 2019, we studied ways in which the rights of noncitizens in Boulder County might be extended. 
   Based upon LWVBC membera' study and consensus, the Board of Directors in February 2020 announced our League's position on Noncitizen Rights in Boulder County. Read the position here.
Documents from our study are linked on the page Noncitizen Rights in Boulder County.
   In November 2016 we led two Community Conversations on the rights of non-U.S. citizens in six areas: a brief history of noncitizen rights in the U.S., employment rights, public benefits, voting and related areas (e.g., jury service), education and mobility (e.g., drivers licenses)Here are our findings (PDF, 10 p.). Here is the PDF version of our slide show.

Current Focus 3: Living Wage
We support a living wage for all Boulder County residents. Read our position here.

   In 2019, LWVBC helped organize the Living Wage Coalition of Longmont which successfully advocated on behalf of City of Longmont employees. Read more here.

    Earlier, we helped secure a living wage for City of Boulder employees. For more information write to us at

   Colorado state law used to prohibit local governments from setting a minimum wage higher than the state minimum—except for the local government's own employees. We supported HB 19-1210, now law, which repeals that prohibition.

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We meet on the third Sunday afternoon of most months. See the Events Calendar for next meeting date, time, and location. 
You do not have to be an expert. We welcome all who are interested in our issues!

   Photo credit : Jeff Burak on Unsplash