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Colorado Civics Education Task Force

Civics Education
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Hi Mary, Fadil and Beth,

I just came across two interesting articles about this topic in a site called The Conversation. I’ll attach links at the end of my message. They suggest that civics education doesn’t necessarily result in increased voting or engagement by young people. Faced with obstacles to voting (not just suppression tactics but even basic things like where to vote—yeah, it’s that bad), they give up easily. Also, their exposure to anti-govt rhetoric (such as from QAnon) is a factor. I would add societal tendencies toward authoritarianism and narcissism, plus a decrease in empathy, and you have a bunch of kids who say, Who cares?

So maybe we need not just civics education but Why and How to Vote, or How Voting Makes You Cool.

It’s a big, big task we’re facing....

Leslie and team,

I am from LWV Jeffco and interested in the LWV CO Civics project details. Please let me know when the team is gathering.

I understand LWV Sacramento has a successful civics curriculum enhancement for Jr/Sr high school. It is always nice to build on what is already working.

We are also interested in an adult government 101 refresher course.

Looking forward to talking to you

Mary Lonergan / 303 421 1671

Hi all --
We'll be in touch shortly with an initial meeting of this new Civics Education Task Force! We appreciate your interest!
In the meantime, here's some interesting info on Colorado's current civics education requirements:
And attached is a Denver Post op-ed by Doug Friednash on civics.
Don't hesitate to call or email me with questions or ideas. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Beth Hendrix
Executive Director
Count me in as well. Fadil A. Lee
Yes! We definitely need an upgrade to civics education! I’m in—is anyone else interested?
Leslie Chomic
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