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Women's Issues

Focus of the Women's Issues Team

While the Women's Issues Team is not active at this time, any League member interested in women's issues may re-activate it. If you want to continue the study of women's issues, observe public meetings, or engage in a particular project or event, please contact the LWVBC president. You don't have to be an expert. We study. learn, and become more involved in the topic.

Project Archive

Teen Parenthood (2012). Our team members were concerned about low high school graduation rates for pregnant and parenting teens. The LWVBC team formed a Task Force with representatives from 13 agencies to try improving the support systems for this high-risk population.

With funding from LWV of Colorado the Task Force surveyed 144 pregnant and parenting teens on their reasons for staying in school, dropping out, and re-enrolling in school.

The Task Force worked with the St. Vrain Valley School District to (1) improve the supports for students choosing to stay in their regular school, (2) expand the childcare ages in their Teen Parent Program, and (3) develop a Review Team of school and agency staff to communicate issues and problems in school.