Making Democracy Work

Program Planning

What Is Program Planning?

In January of each year, League members participate in planning our program of advocacy and education for the next years.

Program Planning gives members the opportunity to

  • hear about issues that are vital to members
  • meet other people who care about their community
  • watch the League at work
  • ask questions of other League members.

League program positions form the basis for our grassroots advocacy, such as lobbying, providing testimony to government bodies, and sending letters to the editor. League advocacy actions are based on existing League positions.

Program Planning includes member review of existing positions as well as an opportunity for members to recommend studies that may result in new positions.

Members review local (LWVBC) positions every year.
Members review state (LWVCO) positions in odd-numbered years and national (LWVUS) positions in even-numbered years.

Our local LWVBC board reviews members' proposals concerning Boulder County activities. Board members consider time, personnel, financial and other factors, and issue their recommendations. Members vote on the recommendations at the annual membership meeting in May.

State and national League boards consider member proposals concerning state and national program, respectively, and make recommendations. Delegates to state and national conventions discuss and vote on board recommendations.

What Do Members Do?

Our next meetings to plan program will be held on January 5th and January 9th, 2017.
For details click here for the Calendar page.
Bring your Member Handbook to the meeting for easy reference.

Before attending the Program Planning meeting you will want to

  • REVIEW the local League positions in your Member Handbook or link to the Webpage here
  • REVIEW the abbreviated national and state League positions in your Member Handbook or the abbreviated and full version on the internet here (for LWVCO)
  • CONSIDER whether you would recommend position changes, new studies, advocacy, or educational events on issues of interest to you