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Focus of the Campaign Finance Reform Team

The focus of the Campaign Finance Reform Team is Money In Politics. Read our LWVUS position on Money in Politics (2016).

Our democracy is failing as the money of corporations, special interests and very wealthy individuals enables candidates to run for office, win elections and then pass legislation favoring their contributors. This situation has been greatly exacerbated by Citizens United and other Supreme Court decisions that have eliminated campaign finance laws.

We are working to encourage municipalities in Boulder County to adopt or improve their campaign finance reform systems. Click the link below to explore some frequently asked questions:
For our Publicly Financed Campaigns FAQ click here
For our Campaign Finance Reform FAQ click here

We are frequently called upon to speak at schools and to community organizations about money in our elections, how voters can find information and how they can take action. If you wish to schedule a speaker for your group or want other information about campaign finance reform, send an email to our Team Leader:

Click the links below download our flyers:
Money in American Elections for Schools
Money in American Elections

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We meet on the first Tuesday evening of most months, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
Like all League Issue Teams, we welcome new participants! You don't have to be an expert to join us. You do not have to be a League member to attend one of our team meetings and learn more. Contact our Campaign Finance Reform Team Leader - - for meeting location and more information about our agenda.

Money in Politics Resources

Take a look at the materials in our Campaign Finance Reform Toolkit. You will find slide shows, handouts, references, and instructional aids, as well as links to other information about money in politics and reform initiatives.

The LWVUS Study Guide to Money in Politics, with consensus questions, is available here.

The LWVUS Money In Politics consensus questions with links to the background papers are available here.

The LWVUS MIP Study Team posted a PowerPoint Money in Politics Slide Show hat outlines the need for regulating money in politics.

CFR Blasts

Report League events

Our team is gathering information about LWV events throughout Colorado that educate the public about money in politics and advocate campaign finance reform.
If your League has held or participated in such an event, click the link below to open the report form.

Report Form

Complete the questionnaire and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. An event database will be created and shared.


Our team leader's letter was published in the Boulder Camera on Tuesday, 19 July 2016:

A Solution

I would like to thank Michael Bennet for his recent guest commentary on money in politics. We do, indeed, have an overwhelmingly corrupt federal legislature, and American democracy no longer exists. The massive money spent by the few extremely wealthy Americans in support or opposition to a candidate has turned our government from a democracy to an oligarchy, where wealthy elites wield most of the power.

Candidates who are not willing to accept money in return for their votes on legislation usually do not have the means to mount an effective campaign that can compete with the media blitz provided by the wealthy. This is responsible for legislation that has hurt ordinary Americans in many ways, most notably economically.  

The solution is publicly financed campaigns. While there is federal legislation for publicly financed campaigns, it is extremely unlikely to be passed because it is not favored by the wealthy. However, the people can gradually gain control through grassroots efforts at the city, county and state levels. According to the Campaign Finance Institute, as of 2015, in the U.S. there are 15 cities, three counties and 13 states that have publicly financed campaigns, most with notable success. Boulder is one of the cities.