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Health Care

Focus of the Health Care Team

In spring 2017 our focus returns primarily to behavioral health, but tracking developments in overall healthcare access will also engage us. Recognizing the benefits of partnering with organizations with similar interests, we are seeking opportunities to collaborate.
Read our team's 2017 meeting report here.

We welcome new team members! If you would like to join us, Contact the Health Care Team Leader. You don't have to be an expert. You do not have to be a League member to attend one of our team meetings and learn more.

Our work

In 2016 we continued our education and advocacy in the area of behavioral health.

Our study began in 2015 with the LWVCO Behavioral Health Study: An Overview of Colorado's Behavioral Health System (August 2015). Members responded to a number of questions and, after reviewing member responses, the LWVCO board issued this consensus position:

LWVCO supports access to adequate health care with funding by state and federal monies where necessary. LWVCO supports access to affordable, quality in- and out-patient behavioral health care, including needed medications and supportive services, for all people. LWVCO supports access to behavioral health care that is integrated with, and achieves parity with, physical health care.
The position in full may be read here.

In fall 2016, we turned our attention to the ColoradoCare proposal, Amendment 69 on the November 8th ballot. LWV throughout Colorado supported the proposal, and we organized public meetings in Boulder County where guest speakers in several health-care fields explained the proposal. Amendment 69 did not pass, but our advocacy for single-payer health care continues.
Read our team's 2016 meeting reports here.

In 2015 we looked at efforts to decriminalize mental illness, such as jail-based behavioral services (JBBS) and the "FOCUS Reentry" effort to reduce recidivism.
Read our 2015 meeting reporst here.

In 2014, we learned more about Mental Health Partners, the Addiction Recovery Center, and other Boulder County resources. Read our 2014 report here.

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