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Two Redistricting Proposals Headed for the Ballot this Fall !

Rionda Osman  | Published on 5/8/2018

From Toni Larson, President, LWVCO

Dear League Members,


The two redistricting measures the League has supported have passed both the state Senate and House and are headed for the ballot this fall.


SCR18-004 and SCR18-005 went through third reading in the State House yesterday, May 7th, the resolutions were passed unanimously with no amendments. The leadership of both houses were very pleased to be able to work together for a change.


This means that we will not have to gather signatures this summer. Educational meetings will begin in August and in the fall.  


For questions and information regarding selection of the commissioners download or view this summary at Commission Selection Summary


More information:

"Reforms to Prohibit Gerrymandering in Colorado"
   What this proposal does
   List of supporting organizations and individuals
   Comparison of status quo with the new proposals

"Congressional Redistricting"- Analysis of SCR18-004 from the Colorado General Assembly

"Legislative Redistricting" - Analysis of SCR18-005 from the Colorado General Assembly


Please direct any questions to 

Jean Fredlund at 

or 303-428-5420


Thanks for your attention and interest in this important issue.

Toni Larson, 

LWVCO President

and Jean Fredlund, 

Member-at Large LWVCO State Board

Chair, LWVCO Redistricting Committee