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We publish our newsletter, Boulder County Voter, 10 times a year usually.

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August 2017 Boulder County Voter

Past Issues

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LWVBC Updates on KGNU

Making Democracy Work For All!

KGNU is partnering with us on this monthly series called Making Democracy Work for All!
We focus on educating KGNU listeners on the workings of state and local government and letting them know how they can get involved at different stages of the political process.
Our thanks to Maeve Conran at KGNU who is working with Jeannette Hillery, our voice on the airwaves, to plan these spots.

Listen to our four-minute spots on KGNU-FM IndependentCommunity Radio

To listen and read, click on the title . . . 

Making Democracy Work for All ! Mental Health ! (19 June 2017) - Mary Anna Dunn
One in five of us will suffer some type of behavioral health episode this year. Lots of people don’t talk about mental sufferings, because of stigma—that is, feeling ashamed or not wanting the world to know about this “weakness.” That is old time thinking! Help is available.

2017 State Legislative Review (25 May 2017) - Jeannette Hillery
     The 2017 legislative session ended on May 10th with more bipartisanship than initially expected. A few strongly partisan bills introduced by both parties were killed during the session. Remember that the Colorado Senate is Republican controlled and the Colorado House is Democratic controlled.

Immigration Reform (19 April 2017) - Louisa Young    
     We looked for the answer to the question: "Just what rights do non-citizens have?"  We considered the arenas of: employment, public benefits, voting, education and mobility (such as driver licenses). Some of our findings might surprise you. While we looked into certain rights, we know it doesn’t always work the way the law says it should.

Money in Politics (30 March 2017) - Shirley Jin and Peggy Leech

     Our campaign finance laws date from 1971. Supreme Court decisions have eroded them since 1976. Now outside spending by corporations, unions, and unnamed sources dwarfs the spending by candidates in many races. Our democracy is in grave danger.

How A Bill Becomes Law   (8 February 2017) - Jeannette Hillery
    We all know the saying “there outta be a law”, but how does it come about? 

The 71st Colorado General Assembly  (19 January 2017) - Jeannette Hillery
The Colorado General Assembly convenes for 120 days from January to May. Boulder County has five Representatives in the House and three Senators The LWVCO volunteer lobby core follows proposed legislation in areas such as voter service, health care, transportation, education and air quality.



Watch Our Videos

Video Replay:  Meet Your Legislators 4 March 2017

Our Colorado legislators representing Boulder County spoke about their activities, what laws are being made, and how upcoming changes could affect you at the Meet Your Legislators event, 4 March 2017.

If you missed it, catch up by watching the video. Click the link below to open Google Drive:

Meet Your Legislators - 4 March 2017

Voting Methods Explained

Our YouTube video (24 mins) answers many frequently asked questions about alternative voting methods.  It also includes our new position.  Click the link below:

Voting Methods 101

Money in Politics

Watch our 6-minute YouTube video that describes how money influences our electoral campaigns and give you tips on what you can do. 

Let's Talk ... Money in Politics