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Focus of the Agriculture Team

At our League's March and April 2014 Unit meetings, we participated in the LWVUS study leading to a new national consensus on Agriculture.

At our League's March 2013 Unit meetings, we presented an overview of the Farm Bill that was making its way through Congress.

Read our 2013 report: Introduction to the 2012 Farm Bill

Our League's Fall Kick-Off Meeting in September 2011 featured a presentation on GMOs by these speakers:

Norman Dalsted, CSU Department of Agriculture and Research Economics
Daniel Bush, CSU Department of Biology
Sylvia Tawse, Boulder County organic farmer
Paul Schlegel, Boulder County conventional farmer

In February 2011, we presented an overview of the Boulder County's farming support structure, organic farming and ranching, GMOs, water delivery, and the role of Boulder County Open Space in promotion of local agriculture. Feedback we have received regarding our presentations has all been positive, and the energized team is considering future additional educational activities.

Read our 2011 report Agriculture in Boulder County

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Like all League Issue Teams, we welcome any member to be a participant, and you don't have to be an expert to join us. Contact Agriculture Team Leader

More Information

Introduction to the 2012 Farm Bill

Boulder Weekly Article, Feb 2011 covers national and Boulder County status on GMOs.